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Do you believe in miracles? We sure do! In fact, we’re not just believers; we’re creating a miracle, and we want YOU to be a part of it.

At the heart of our mission are the over 5,000 children worldwide waiting on a miracle.

Imagine a child reaching developmental milestones – crawling, saying ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ – only to have these abilities taken away before their second birthday. That’s the cruel reality of INAD/PLAN. In their last years of life, children cannot communicate, walk, sit up, or even eat on their own. INAD/PLAN is a devastating disease that takes away all a child can do, and when there’s nothing left, it takes the child, too. Sadly, most children don’t make it to their 10th birthday.

But there is hope. Scientists agree that gene therapy holds promise for treating INAD/PLAN. It has the potential to spare future families from unimaginable pain, as well as provide children like Sage, Ariya, Adrien, Zaidee, and Rex a real shot at fighting back. But we must move fast – the sooner kids are treated, the more likely they will have favorable outcomes.

The Miracle Makers

Because INAD is so rare, it doesn’t get the attention or funding it desperately needs. The big drug companies? They’re not interested. It’s just not profitable for them. This is a difficult reality to accept when you’re witnessing your child’s decline every single day – a nightmare no parent should have to endure. So what do we do? We take action.

The INADcure Foundation, working alongside parents of children with INAD/PLAN, has launched the “Working on a Miracle” campaign. This effort represents a collective refusal to wait passively for solutions that may never come. We’re not just hoping for a miracle; we’re actively working toward it.

After years of fruitless door-knocking and making our case to more researchers and biotech companies than we can count, we were compelled to make a decision. Either we continue to wait for someone else to do it, or we do it ourselves.” – Leena Panwala, Ariya’s mom and Founder of INADcure

The Miracle: The First-Ever Gene Therapy Clinical Trial for PLAN in 2025

We’ve already raised $1 million towards our $7 million goal – that’s a lot of belief in miracles! Every donation, big or small, brings us closer to our goal of sponsoring the first-ever gene therapy clinical trial for PLAN.

How YOU Can Be A Part of Our Miracle

We mean it when we say your help is needed! So whether you’re touched by INAD/PLAN personally, a supportive friend or neighbor, or simply someone who cares and believes in miracles, here’s how you can help make a miracle happen:

Donate: Every gift helps us move forward.

Fundraise: Get involved by setting up a fundraising page or joining a team. We’ve got plenty of support to guide you along the way.

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