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Our Superstars

The INADcure Foundation works to increase knowledge and awareness of Infantile Neuroaxonal Dystrophy (INAD), and all of our INAD families have an important role to play. INAD is a complicated neurodegenerative disorder, but these stories help us better explain what INAD is and how it impacts hundreds of children and their loved ones around the world. Every family’s journey with INAD is important to share and we thank you for sharing your story with us!

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Adrián S. T.

4 Years Old | Spain

Alice - Brazil

Alice M.

4 Years Old | Brazil

Amelia N.

15 Years Old | Singapore

Ariya P.

8 Years Old | NJ, USA

Ella E.

5 Years Old | NV, USA

Gráinne B.

12 Years Old | Ireland


Heitor M.E.S.

6 Years Old | Brazil

Jackson S.

9 Years Old | NC, USA

Jade D.

6 Years Old | LA, USA


3 Years Old | GA, USA

Laramie A.

3 Years Old | TX, USA

Léo V.

6 Years Old | France

Mirai K.

6 Years Old | Indonesia

Murilo P.

6 Years Old | Brazil


5 Years Old | TX, USA

Sage P.

3 Years Old | RI, USA

Salvador S.

5 Years Old | Portugal

Viktor V.

7 Years Old | Belgium

Zaidee T '22

Zaidee T.

3 Years Old | LA, USA

Zoe H.

5 Years Old | England





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