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Jade D.

6 Years Old | Baton Rouge, LA

About This Superstar

Age of Diagnosis

Finding a Diagnosis
September 2020 was when we found out about Jade’s diagnosis.

How INAD Has Impacted Their Life
INAD has completely changed Jade’s world. She was perfectly normal and met all milestones up until she made three. We noticed she would fall often and her speech started to regress. It took us years and many doctor visits to find a diagnosis. In September of 2020, we received a diagnosis and around that time Jade completely lost her ability to walk and stand without assistance from a gait trainer.

Favorite Activities
Riding her adaptive bike, popping bubbles, looking at books, throwing the ball, watching Mickey Mouse, playing with her sisters and enjoying the outdoors.

Favorite Foods
Chicken nuggets, French fries, pizza

Favorite Television/Movie Character
Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse

Favorite Books
The Three Little Bears

Parent’s Favorite Motto or Expression
Whatever it takes! Quitting is not an option.

What They Would Like the World to Know About Their Experience Living with INAD
This is a very difficult and hard journey. It is our hope that in sharing our story we are able to raise awareness and find a cure.

Special Fun Facts
We are a very active family. We love doing things outdoors together and try to get Jade outside and keep her as active as much as possible. Jade has two sisters who she loves and enjoys playing with so much. Although this journey is difficult, seeing the joy on Jade’s face adds a spark of life to our world.

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