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Malachi M.

5 Years Old | Tennessee, USA

About This Superstar

Age of Diagnosis

Finding A Diagnosis:
Malachi was doing everything on time walking, talking, crawling and then at 15 months old he could no longer do those things. We were referred to a neurologist and began taking genetic testing! We did about 2-3 genetic tests and the last one is when he was diagnosed with INAD.

How INAD Has Impacted Their Life
It has impacted our lives to see our loved ones decline so quickly! I had to lose my job of 7 years to care for him full time for 3 years until we got nursing. As a mom it tears us down mentally, physically!

Favorite Activities
Getting read to and listening to gospel music

Favorite Foods
Shaved ice because he is tube fed

Favorite Television/Movie Character
Mickey Mouse

Favorite Books
He don’t have a favorite but books about the ocean.

Parent’s Favorite Motto or Expression
Through God anything is possible

What They Would Like the World to Know About Their Experience Living with INAD
He is a fighter and he loves God

Special Fun Facts
They love their brother and my middle child says she is his mommy!!!

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