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Renato G

6 Years Old | Santiago, Chile

About This Superstar

Age of Diagnosis
a los 3 años

– translation – 3 years

How INAD Has Impacted Their Life
Mi hijo es un niño feliz, sin duda ir perdiendo sus habilidades fue difícil para él y para nosotros, solo me importa que sienta que es amado

– translation – My son is a happy child, without a doubt losing his skills was difficult for him and for us, I only care that he feels that he is loved

Favorite Activities
Escuchar, música, los cuentos salir al parque

– translation – Listen, music, stories go out to the park

Favorite Foods
Antes eran los postres hoy come por sonda

– translation – Before it was desserts today he eats by tube

Favorite Television/Movie Character
Perro chocolo (es chileno tiene canciones que ama youtube)

– translation – Chocolo dog (he is Chilean he has songs that he loves youtube)

Favorite Books
No tiene uno favorito pero que tengan muchos colores le encanta

– translation – He does not have a favorite but he loves that they have many colors

Parent’s Favorite Motto or Expression
Un día a la vez

– translation – One day at a time

What They Would Like the World to Know About Their Experience Living with INAD
Quiero que el mundo deje de sentir lastima, que sean empaticos y que todos tengamos acceso a ayudas técnicas, fisioterapeutas, medicina, et

– translation – I want the world to stop feeling pity, for them to be empathic and for everyone to have access to technical aids, physiotherapists, medicine, etc.

Special Fun Facts
Renato tiene una gata que lo cuida mientras duerme y hace 5 meses nació su hermano Agustín ahora debe compartir tiempo con él es mágico.

– translation – Renato has a cat that takes care of him while he sleeps and his brother Agustín was born 5 months ago, now he must spend time with him, it’s magical.

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